7.2 Testing Checklist

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

7.2 Testing Checklist

Prior to Testing Date

* Announcement posted online u0026amp; in the studio of upcoming testing date

* Schedule test preparation classes/program for candidates

* Conduct one-on-one session with candidate and/or parents on expectations

* Mail flyers and notices to students

* Variety of board sizes prepared for breaking

* Validation of current membership status of candidates

* Perform run-through with corner person on logistics of the testing

* Document test sheet for corner person to call the test


* Testing forms

* Pens u0026amp; notepads for notes

* Table u0026amp; tablecloth arranged for head table

* Spectator chairs u0026amp; chairs for head table

* Boards, cinder blocks, knives, bong, etc available

* Corner person calling sheets

* Video camera to record test

Following the Testing Date

* Mail congratulatory postcards to candidates

* Complete and submit testing forms to HQ

* Edit testing video for publicity u0026amp; marketing

* Conduct one-on-one discussion with candidates/families for feedback and program upselling activities

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