7.1 Checklist for Opening a Studio

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

7.1 Checklist for Opening a Studio

Signed Agreement for the Location

* Obtain signature by both parties when possible

* Lease / Rental Agreement

* Employment Contract

Secure a Business License

* DBA / Sole Proprietorship

* LLC or S-Corp

* CORI form or other government-required document for teachers

* Certified accountant for taxes and business planning

* Retirement investment advisor

Liability Insurance

* Business

* Personal

Marketing Plan

* Market Research

* Pricing Plan

* Community Involvement

* Charities

* Partner Companies

Advertisement / Publishing

o Microsoft Publisher

o Demonstrations

o Outdoor classes

o Internet presence

o Studio website (via Federation or direct)

o Facebook site

o Google Places

o Yelp

o Blogging

Materials for Students

* Federation membership applications

* Uniforms

* Sparring equipment

* Reference materials (books, SBD institute, videos, etc.)

* Shirts

* Sweats

Training Materials

* Kicking / punching targets

* Practice weapons

* Boards for breaking

* Conditioning equipment (jump ropes, stretching machines, etc.)

* Mats

* Dan Ryung Dae (Conditioning boards)

* SBD institute

Student Tracking

* Student enrollment Agreements

* Microsoft Excel or Access

* Other software products

Running u0026amp; Documenting Gup Tests

* List of commands

* Test flow chart (excel)

* Gup Rank applications

* Group test results submissions

* Table and tablecloth for testing board

* Folding chairs

* Pens

* Paper

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