6.4 How to Train and Pay your Staff

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

6.4 How to Train and Pay your Staff

You need a staff to help you run your business. If you do all the work, you’re not the boss, but an employee. You should train and connect with your staff regularly. Just as with your training in Soo Bahk Do, repetition and direction is needed to mature within the business.

It is recommended that you perform weekly studio business meetings with your staff. In those meetings you need to discuss:

* Current state of the business

* The week’s schedule and goals

* Teaching responsibilities, task ownership, and due dates for tasks

* Issues or process changes for operations

* New business training topics (motivational points, enrollment training, etc.)

You should train your staff on the programs, pricing, offerings, merchandising, advertisement plans. It’s important that all your staff stay on message concerning the programs, benefits, value so that your students hear the same points of view across all the leaders.

Pay special attention to teach the pricing models for your programs. Miscommunications regarding fees can be disastrous to your business.

If your staff feels that your pricing you charge are too high, they will be uncomfortable enrolling people that come through the front door. This can happen, and when it does you need to educate your staff on where their paychecks come from. It’s important to remember that not everyone understands business. A business has to be profitable for people to keep their jobs.

Your employees must understand how those you serve profit from buying your services, goods, and offerings, especially your premium programs. Everyone must believe that everyone benefits when someone enrolls in the school and takes part in your premium prices programs. This also includes your students themselves!

How you communicate and educate your staff about pricing, profits, and compensation greatly influences their attitude and behavior, which directly impacts growing enrollments (or shrinking enrollments). It is our duty to train our staff about our business.

There are several options for how you compensate your staff. You can do a simple hourly wage for the classes they cover, time they man the front desk, etc. Another option is to provide discounted monthly tuition for the office staff. For larger schools you can do compensation based on a combination of hourly wage plus commission for students enrolled. Optional commission rates could range from 8-12% of gross revenue generated. You could also do bonus accelerators for year-end results.

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