5.2 How to Win and Keep Students

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

5.2 How to Win and Keep Students


Winning over and keeping students starts with building strong human relations. Applying the “Golden Rule” to everyone you come in contact with is the best approach to build a good working relationship. Treat others as you would be treated. The best way to provide courteous service is to apply the Golden Rule to every business encounter is by treating all students and customers exactly as you wish to be treated. Granted, some students u0026amp; customers are easier to please than others, but it is the real professional who treats everyone with the same amount of courtesy and respect. Remember treat people the way we do because of who WE ARE, not because of who they are.

The rule is applied in every area:

* Class Schedule – Make it as flexible as possible. Do you like flexibility?

* Class Curriculum – Challenging, yet possible for the students to perform. Think in cycles for rank, etc. Is this what you would like?

* Class Energy – Be upbeat and enthusiastic. Be creative!

* Cleanliness of the Do Jang – Think about the top businesses you’ve been to and how clean it was. Would you like to be there?

o Bathrooms

o Mirrors

o Mats

o Windows

o Dressing Rooms

* Lobby Discussions (Greetings, etc.) – Be honest and direct in your conversations. Be courteous, happy, and positive with a smile.

* One-on-One Consultations – Be a good listener and ask questions. Provide positive feedback.

* Phone Skills – Answer the phone with a smile. Know what to say, be relaxed and confident. If they call your studio they want a reason to sign up for classes, not order a pizza.

* Enrollments – Same principles apply as the 1:1 Consultations, but it’s important to be professional in how you make financial transactions. Be thankful and smile!

It is important to maintain a connection with your students beyond the face to face interactions in keeping with the Golden Rule. Electronic and paper mail/postcard programs should be maintained. After major milestones in a student’s career in the school there should be a follow up postcard (always handwritten) and/or email. Prior to major milestones you should send out reminders with fliers, emails, or postcards, as well. The milestones you should consider sending messages, emails, postcards are:

* Contract Enrollments (After new enrollments, prior to expiration of a contract)

* Gup Tests

* Dan Tests

* Camps

* Dan Testing Preparation

* Regional Events

* National Events

* International Events

Lastly, our sincerity affects our relationships with students. Having sincere interest and concern for the growth of our students makes a profound impact. The heaviness (Moo Geh) in how we interact with students impacts our sincerity. Jennifer Gibbons Sa Bom Nim, relates these concepts in the following way:

“Moo Geh is the result of Shim Gung applied to physical performance connected with Chi Gi (earth energy). It is essential for effective Soo Bahk Do technique. Moo Geh affects relationships with sincerity. Sincerity is the foundation of trust. Leadership thrives on these attributes.”

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