4.7 Testing Processes

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

4.7 Testing Processes

Tests should be a time of celebration of your students’ hard work. The hard work is necessary for them to feel that accomplishment. Don’t lower your standards and expectations for the performance of your students, but they need to feel that the process is positive. One recommendation is to conduct a one-on-one conference with candidates (and parents) explaining the expectations in order to test, then set the expectations of the test itself. Be sure they understand the importance and value of the ceremony of testing. For the students it’s a graduation to the next level after hard work.

Be sure to mail reminders and encouraging postcards prior to the test to the candidates, then mail a congratulatory postcard when the test is done. Use that opportunity to discuss preparation for the next level and education on the next program options for their advantage.

There is a checklist in the appendix for the testing process. One of the more important steps is validation that your student’s Federation membership is current at the time of testing. Announcements, mailings, and personal conferences should be used to remind and validate.

Maintain accurate records of your student’s testing results and dates for later Dan testing activities. It’s for their benefit that you stay disciplined on this piece of administration.

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