4.4 Defining Your Program Options

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

4.4 Defining Your Program Options

Consumers look for value for their money. This concept applies across products and services. We should provide a wide range of products and services within a Moo Duk Kwan® Do Jang. Some examples of options to structured content, a targeted audience, and differentiated services:

* Tiny Tots program (ages 4-8)

o Morning or afternoon classes included for potential stay-at-home mothers

* Kids program (ages 9-14)

* After school kids program

o Services offered may include helping with homework, snack time, anti-bullying, self-defense, traditional Soo Bahk Do curriculum

* “Feel the burn” program (fitness and cardio workout, etc.)

* Anti-bullying program

* Women’s self-defense

* Kids safety awareness

* Special needs program (autism, physical limitations, etc.)

* Special Weh Gung Conditioning Programs (Cardio Kickboxing, Feel the Burn, etc.)

* Baby-Boomer program (Silver Training) – would be more Neh Gung focused to meet the needs of people nearing (or in) retirement age

* Jua Deh Ryun u0026amp; Wa Deh Ryung (seated sparring/self-defense, grappling, lying down sparring/self-defense, ground self-defense)

* Start-Up Program (Kick Start or some other phrasing)

o 6-8 weeks that gets the student through to 9th Gup. It’s important to note that the 9th Gup testing can be conducted at 8 weeks and not 12. Getting the student a feeling of accomplishment goes a long way for retention

* Dan Program (Black Belt Program, Path to Dan, etc.)

o 12 – 36 month program in preparation for Dan

* Leadership Program

o 36 month program for highest access to all Do Jang programs and services

* Dan Testing Preparation Program

o 6 month preparatory training program to cover everything needed for any Dan test

* Board Breaking

* Weapon self-defense (knife, bong, gun, etc.) – important to note that the curriculum should align with Moo Duk Kwan® philosophy

* Sparring program

o Tournament preparation, etc.

* Demonstration program/team

These programs can be combined for different packages that match various commercial structures. How these packages are described and communicated is important so that the value and results are clearly understood. For instance, some options may include:

The testing process is described in another section, although it is important to note that within each of the packages described above Gup and Dan testing fees can be included in the overall contracts. For larger Do Jang operations this may be a more simplified method of managing the testing process, and eliminates student perception of the testing process being a money making priority.

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