Training Area

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership Training Area

The training area needs to be uncluttered and clean so that the students can concentrate and enjoy the workout. If possible a whiteboard or chalk board could be hung to emphasize key messages for the month or drills to be focused on for the class, such as the one shown below.

The workout experience is helped with mirrors along the wall (if possible). Stretching bars set at varying heights can be a tool used for the students.

You have several options for flooring of your studio. The most common floors are either hardwood or matting (tatami style). If carpeting is used you should look into a thicker padding underneath to protect students from the pounding during training.

Flags and pictures of the Founder and Kwan Jang Nim should be prominently displayed in the Do Jang as per the guidelines described in the Dan Manual. If you don’t have those materials available you should contact Headquarters.

You’ll have a long list of equipment used within classes (see the Equipment section). Within the training area you should have professional and organized storage for your kicking pads, bong, wooden knives, etc.

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