3.2 How to “Be the Best”

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

3.2 How to “Be the Best”

Being the best results from constantly looking at how you will add value to the services and offerings you deliver. We have to be able to create differences in our schools as a better choice for potential students compared to the school across the street. To do this, start thinking about what you can offer that they can’t get anywhere else. This additional value shouldn’t be given away for free as that diminishes the overall value of the services. Consumers want to see a good value for their money. High quality demands higher prices in the market, but the students need to see that quality and value.

Your attitude drives your actions, which results in being the best in the market. As a studio owner you are in the business of marketing and enrolling students to learn Soo Bahk Do®. Your job is to teach classes that results in students wanting to come back. You have the duty to deliver high quality in:

* Excellent student service

* Excellent phone skills

* Teaching dynamic and motivation classes

* Conducting enrollment conferences/discussions

* Maintaining discipline in paying bills, delivering mailings on time, etc.

* Maintaining a clean studio

* Returning missed calls

* Making confirming calls prior to appointments

* Making calls for missed appointments

* Conducting honest u0026amp; open feedback sessions with students

* Etc.

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