2.8 Communicating the Program Options

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.8 Communicating the Program Options

You need to have an “elevator pitch” prepared and practiced for how you communicate the offerings and programs you deliver, and the differentiators of the art. An elevator speech is the key messages that will “sell” what you’re communicating to someone within the time you might stand next to someone in an elevator. That time will run no more than two minutes, and should ideally be about one minute in duration. That elevator pitch would be applicable for the walk-in, scheduled appointment, or phone conversation. You should be prepared to go into detail on any of the components of your

program, and ideally each of those deep dive discussions should also take less than 2 minutes. Anything more than that and you’ll potentially allow the prospective student to tune out on what you’re saying. Your elevator pitch should include some key elements:

* What do you offer?

* What is the value of those offerings?

* What are the differentiators?

Depending on what stage of the business lifecycle you’re in with a potential student you’ll need to adjust the content of the elevator pitch to match what the potential student is looking to understand. For each of the elevator pitches you have regarding your studio, the programs, offerings, you need to plan out what your messages are ahead of time. Structure the bullet points around offerings, services, differentiators, and value. Students are looking for a reason to buy from you – give them good reasons. One version of an elevator pitch would be:

“Springville Soo Bahk Do offers the highest quality of martial arts instruction that improves your fitness, confidence, coordination, and character. Soo Bahk Do is a traditional martial art which scientifically uses the body in self-defense combined with a philosophy driven by discipline u0026amp; respect enabling you to discover your full potential. We offer access to more than 15 Training Tracks available across 40 classes per month that focus on traditional martial arts, self-defense, kids classes, fitness, weapons self-defense, character u0026amp; leadership development. You can take part in those training tracks through a flexible range of Programs that are structured to give you options in what you’d like to take part in here. The students who train here get as much of the programs as they put into them.”

When you begin to drive into the details of each program to help find the best fit for the student (based on what offerings they’re looking for at the best price point), you need to have the same value-based discussion as with the previous pitch.

“Our Midnight Blue Champions program is targeted for those students who have a goal of achieving black belt ranks in Soo Bahk Do. It’s a 12 to 36 month enrollment which gives you access to learn all the standardized midnight blue belt material, you’ll learn how to spar and apply realistic self-defense, mature your courtesy and etiquette, and build the 12 life skills that set you up for success outside the studio.”

“You can participate in up to 4 classes per week. Included in the program is your membership to our national Federation that gives you the ability to test, receive rank, and progress in your skills. The typical student graduates for rank every 3-4 months depending on how they progress in their skills.”

“That program package includes newly trimmed uniforms when you receive rank, and the patches you see like this that go on your uniform, and sparring gear. Your testing fees for each

of rank graduations are included, as well. The uniforms, testing, and equipment are a $200 value in the program that’s included. Outside of this program you’ll have the ability to participate u0026amp; compete in our local, national, and international seminars and tournaments. Your studio and Federation membership gives you access to those events, which average 3-4 local tournaments, one national tournament, and multiple national and international training seminars.”

“The Midnight Blue Champions program is structured for either a 12 month or 36 month enrollment. There is a one-time initiation fee of $350 then monthly dues. The initiation fee can be arranged for installments or a full payment. We offer a discount to $250 for the initiation fee if you pay in full during enrollment. The 12 month enrollment the monthly dues are $179. We give a 5% discount on the 36 month enrollment resulting in $169 per month. Is there anything in this program you couldn’t see yourself taking part in?”

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