2.7 Giving the Studio Tour

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.7 Giving the Studio Tour

The content in this section takes the perspective of someone who has signed up for lessons. For a walk-in who is doing information gathering you would need to adjust how much you would have the potential student perform the bowing process, but should talk about and demonstrate so that they see the differences in how we value the 5 Moo Do Values.

[Take the future student and/or parent back to the front door].

“Now, let me teach you what to do when you enter and leave the studio. As we enter, put your feet together, hands at your side, and salute the flags. Then bow in the direction of the flags to show respect to our country and our art. Then greet the instructor with a smile, saying “Hello sir/ma’am.” Let’s do that together. “

“And when you leave the studio you’ll follow the same process of saluting the flag and bowing, while saying “Goodbye sir/ma’am” to the instructor. Let’s do that together.”

[Child] The reason you do this is to prepare yourself to be the best for class and demonstrate a leadership attitude. Make sense?”

[Adult] The reason you do this is to put yourself in the right frame of mind for your Soo Bahk Do® training and demonstrate a leadership attitude. Make sense?”

“The first lesson in leadership we emphasize is discipline u0026amp; respect. For discipline and respect to work here, at school, at work, etc. it needs to be used. When one of the instructors ask you to do something and you understand, it’s important to answer ‘Yes, sir/ma’am.’ Or ‘No, sir/ma’am.’ All of our instructors follow the same example in responding to the students. Does that make sense? Excellent!”

[Walking over to the flags and picture of Kwan Jang Nim]

“We have our American flag on the left to show our patriotism for our country. The Korean flag on the right is to show respect for Soo Bahk Do®’s country of origin.”

“In the center is the Moo Duk Kwan® flag. The Moo Duk Kwan® flag (Kwan Gi) represents the organization or style of the martial art, Soo Bahk Do®. It has both physical and philosophical significance in our training”

“Translated literally, Soo Bahk Do® means “Hand Striking Way” and Moo Duk Kwan® means ‘Institute of Martial Virtue’. It is the scientific use of the body in methods of self-defense combined with a strict philosophy guiding the practitioner towards discovering his/her full potential.”

“The pictures up on the wall are of the Founder, Hwang Kee, who passed away in 2002, and HC Hwang, our current Grandmaster and President of the World Moo Duk Kwan®.”

[Walk the student through the studio, showing dressing rooms, emergency exits, kicking pads, bong/danto, and merchandise materials].

“You can see these kicking/contact pads around the studio. We use these and the heavy bags to build focus and strength for self-defense. Here, give it a try. First make a fist – curl your fingers in, then put the thumb over. Hold the fist firm and strike the bag like this. You can tell it gives a bit so you won’t get injured. When you’re in class you’ll get lots of repetitions on focus pads.”

“We also work on self-defense against weapons that are commonly seen out in the real world. Knives, sticks, or what is termed “bong”, and gun defense. We makes sure to spend time on practical self-defense and build our student’s skills and confidence for real-world situations.”

“We have two dressing rooms, for men and women. Typically our students bring a bag to keep their belongings here in the storage area. If you bring your own hanger you can hang your clothes over here. It’s all our responsibility to keep the common areas clean and tidy, so that we have a good atmosphere for training.”

“We also have two bathrooms, for men and women. The bathrooms get cleaned daily but the staff appreciates it when everyone pitches in to keep the common areas clean and tidy. If you see any issues with common areas just let the staff know and they’ll get things resolved quickly.”

“Finally for all your personal equipment and uniform needs you can take care of that here at the front desk. As a traditional martial art we do wear a uniform, or Do Bok. When you start taking part in sparring classes you will need a mouthpiece, headgear, and hand protection for safety purposes. There are additional training education materials that are published by the Federation. You can see several of the books and DVDs that contains all the standardized materials which you’re tested on during your career. Also there are online video materials that you can access – here’s a discount code you can use when signing up for the Soo Bahk Do Institute. The institute has video content that isn’t included in the books, demonstrated by the art’s experts from around the globe.”

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