2.6.3 Appointment Show

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.6.3 Appointment Show

You may have an appointment with a prospective student for a wide variety of reasons. It could be information gathering, a studio tour, introductory lesson, trial lesson, etc. For any of those reasons you need to keep in mind that the potential student came in looking for a reason to sign up for lessons, otherwise they wouldn’t have come. The outcome you should strive for is to give them the reasons to sign up and complete the transaction of gaining a new student. You MUST end every meeting having discussed the programs, options, financials, and present the opportunity to sign up.

“_________, it is nice to meet you in person. And this must be _________. Hello, ________, are you ready to take your first Soo Bahk Do® lesson?”

“You will do great, ___________. You told me on the phone that you want ________ to learn _______ from the martial arts. You’ll see how we do this today. A lot of our students/families enrolled for the same reason. Now before we get started, let’s fill out our information form…”

“Thank you. That information form will enable you to get the latest information, news, and updates on our programs here. In our time together today I want to be sure I answer all your questions. You’ll get the opportunity to get a better understanding of the programs and services we offer, get a tour of the facilities, and [whatever other outcomes the potential student described]. Now let’s start with a brief tour of our facilities.”

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