2.6.2 The Walk-In

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.6.2 The Walk-In

“Hello, welcome to ___________, my name is ___________. I am the _______________ [head instructor, assistant instructor, operations manager, etc.] here. And you are….?”

[Handshake] “_____________, it’s very nice to meet you. How may I help you today?”

“Great! Do you know of any our student leaders here or did someone tell you about our school?”

[Yes] “Excellent, who?”

“That’s terrific, _________ is one of up and coming leaders and is on his/her way to Dan, midnight-blue belt (similar to the level of black belt).”

[No] “How did you hear about us?”

“Is this for you or someone else?”

[Child] “How long have you been thinking about lessons for your child? What do you want your child to learn u0026amp; accomplish from martial arts?”

[Adult] “How long have you been thinking about taking lessons? What do you want to learn u0026amp; accomplish from martial arts?”

“That’s excellent – most of our students joined for the same reason.”

“Before I answer all of your questions and show you around our studio, could you please fill our information form? This way I can give you some reading materials about our art. Sound okay?”

Have the potential student fill out the information form for follow up.

After the initial introduction and obtaining the minimum amount of information on the form, you should touch on the following key topics (refer to the appropriate content in this section for direction on the conversations):

* Overview of the Program Options

* Overview of the Schedule

* Give a Studio Tour

* Enrollment

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