2.5.4 Confirming Appointments

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.5.4 Confirming Appointments

Each appointment that’s made for introductory lessons or private lessons should be confirmed the day prior, much like any doctor’s appointment, dentist appointments, etc. Until the student walks in the door for the first time, these phone conversations form the basis of establishing human relations and the student/teacher relationship. Professionalism and a positive attitude should come through the phone to the student. The following telephone script will walk through the proper process.

The Day Before

“Hello, is ______________ available?”

“Hello _______________, this is ______________. Are you doing well this evening?”

“_______________, I’m calling to confirm your appointment with us tomorrow night at Springville Soo Bahk Do® Academy, and I want to go over a few things with you beforehand.”

“Firstly, do you know how to get to the Academy?”

“When you arrive tomorrow, I’ll make sure we meet. I’ll bring you on a tour of the facilities, and then take you through your first lesson, so you’ll know exactly what the Academy has to offer.”

“Now ___________, I don’t know how serious you are about getting involved in a martial arts program, but after the lesson, if you think you’d like to continue, I will go over all the programs we have to offer.”

“____________, if for any reason you’re not able to make your first lesson, please give me a call, because we teach first lessons by appointment only.”

“Do you have a pen or pencil? Please write down my number if you need to reach me. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at ________ o’clock. If you’d like, you can drop by a little early to look at the facilities before we get started. And please remember to wear loose fitting clothes for your lesson. Thank you and have a great evening.”

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