2.5.3 Handling Price Questions

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.5.3 Handling Price Questions

The reasons people call up pressing for class pricing is normally two-fold:

1. The potential student doesn’t know what to ask, and think going the cheapest route is the right approach

2. The caller may be from a competing martial arts studio and is checking on your phone skills, rates, and your professionalism.

For either of these potential reason, don’t just blindly answer the question with “classes are $100/month and we have 20 classes per week you can attend.” Answer the questions they SHOULD be asking. For instance:

“Hello ___________________. We have a variety of programs for people with different budgets and goals. Our tuition rates are both reasonable and competitive. Let’s go ahead and set up a free trial class and give you a tour of our facility and then sit down to discuss and answer all your questions in detail. What day is best for you, the beginning of the week or the end? I have _________ or _____________ times available?”

If they keep pressing for price ranges, reply with

“I appreciate the need to understand what type of price ranges we offer. Our programs range from $99 to $250 per month depending on how much to take advantage of the programs and facilities. Now, let’s go ahead and schedule your free trial lesson.”

It’s advisable to refrain from offering free lessons unless you see the potential student won’t sign up or do a studio visit any other way. Giving away free services shouldn’t be a habit you get into.

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