2.5.2 Working with Lack of Commitment

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.5.2 Working with Lack of Commitment

“I can appreciate [reasons]. And what I would like to suggest is that we go ahead and schedule a tentative time, then you can get back with me.”

“The reason I say this is because your first lesson is by appointment only, and our schedule gets pretty booked up.”

“This way, if the time works, I will have already booked off time for your lesson. The next times I have are _______ or _______. Which is better for you?”

[If the caller still doesn’t commit to a meeting]

“Our program offers the highest quality of martial arts instruction which will improve your fitness, confidence, coordination, and character. Our students get more than that, though, with skills to improve leadership, awareness, and life skills. Students gets as much out of it as they put into it. Our current special on [whatever program special you have running at that time] is offered until [date]. If we can get you fit into the schedule for your first lesson by [date] you’d still be eligible to take advantage. Can I put you down for either ____________ or _____________?”

If a prospective student still resists committing after those approaches the person wasn’t interested to begin with or has other motives to get information.

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