2.5.1 Information Call

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.5.1 Information Call

The following phone script is an example of how to interact with a potential student:

“Hello. Springville Soo Bahk Do® Academy, how may I help you?”

“Great, my name is ________________. Who am I speaking with?”

“Are you interested to find out about our programs for yourself or for someone else?”

If for the caller – “Great! May I ask how old you are?”

“That’s a good point to start.”

If for someone else – “Who are you inquiring for?”

“How old is he/she?”

“That’s a good point to start.”

“Did you hear about us from a referral from someone who’s trained here?”

If Yes – “May I ask the student’s name?”

If No – “Did you hear about us on the internet, a flyer, or some advertising?”

“Have you/he/she taken a martial art before?”

If yes – “What style?”

“Where did you/he/she train?”

“How long did you/he/she train?”

“Did you achieve any belt ranking?… Congratulations!”

If no – “How long have you/he/she been thinking or looking to take a martial art?”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what are you [or your child] looking to accomplish with a martial arts program?”

“Excellent. We have had several students who started training for that reason, as well.”

“Our current special on [whatever program special you have running at that time] is offered until [date]. If we can get you fit into the schedule for your first lesson by [date] you’d still be eligible to take advantage. Can I put you down for either ____________ or _____________?”

If there is a lack of commitment to signing up for the class at that time –

“I can appreciate [reason for not signing up]. And what I would suggest is that we put you down for a tour of the facility and walk-through of our programs we offer. We do these special tours by appointment only and the schedule is filling up at the moment. Can I put you down for either ______ or ______?”

The end result you should be focusing on with prospective students on the phone is to get them in the door with an appointment for either a tour, introductory lesson, or signing up for lessons. If you can get them in the door they’ll see the difference in what you have to offer as a Moo Duk Kwan® studio. They need a reason to sign up now and come in now.

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