2.4 Social Media Marketing

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.4 Social Media Marketing

Today’s fitness enthusiasts and potential martial artists are savvy consumers. You as a studio owner are competing against more than other martial arts, but other popular fitness trends like cross fit, Spartan races, and low cost gyms. Consumers are also more educated online and will search u0026amp; compare a long list of schools in the area. Your school MUST have an online presence in order to attract new students in today’s economy. It’s also not enough to just have a website with class schedules and rates. The site must have content that contains the differentiators of our art – 5 Moo Do Values, scientific application of technique, our philosophy, etc. Your website should include the following critical content to help attract students online:

* Student and parent testimonials

* Program overview and class options

* Dynamic site structure and exciting pictures

* Promotions – this should be updated regularly to align with big events (back to school, holidays, summer break, etc.)

* Themes and philosophical differentiators – potential students need to see we’re more than just kicking and punching

* Contact information

* Pictures that show the rich history of the art (Founder pics, notable figures like Chuck Norris, etc. that tie in with our heritage)

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