2.3 Marketing & Recruiting of New Members

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.3 Marketing & Recruiting of New Members

The most important part of your business of a Moo Duk Kwan® Do Jang is marketing u0026amp; recruiting. While the subject of this section focuses on New Members, marketing activities also are seen by your current students. Services based organizations should target a revenue growth each year through a variety of products and services. The heart of the revenue generation for a studio is student headcount. You should track diligently monthly, quarterly, and yearly headcount growth. Start planning by defining what your final headcount will be at the end of the year, then backtrack into what your monthly headcount growth could be. Anticipate anywhere from 10-14% attrition each year and that should tell you what your recruiting goal will be. The table below illustrates the potential flow of students across a year.

What types of promotion and advertising will be right for your Do Jang? What kinds of “free” advertising are available to get things started? The list below offers some suggestions for ways to build public notoriety without having to spend much money.

* Website

* Social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

* Students and Parents of Students

* Networking through family and friends (word of mouth)

* Free scholarship as an incentive

* Train in public for more exposure or public demonstrations

* “Bring a friend” nights

* Free “bully proof” clinics for school age children

* Women’s self-defense clinics

* March in parades

* Martial Arts birthday parties – give free trial coupons with the goody bags

* Brochures at different locations

* Fliers door to door or on windshields at local shopping centers

* Drop boxes at local businesses to win free trials

* Issue a press release for every event (opening of the program, gup testing, promotion, local events in which your students participate)

* Use the Community events section of your local paper to recognize your students’ achievements

* Share advertising with other businesses. If there are other groups or activities using the same space as you, share the cost of advertising what is happening in your location

Print ads are a foundational form of marketing for your studio. To get the benefit of the ads you should publish them regularly (every 2-3 weeks). The benefit of the ads are realized when your ad is either on the front or back of a publication (local papers, local ad campaigns, etc.). When your ad is buried in the middle of a paper or pamphlet you won’t get the traffic needed to make the investment worthwhile. It’s also a good idea to distribute print ads to schools at key milestones in the year (school fundraisers, back to school, summer break, holiday breaks, PTA notices).

As with the web site, testimonials are a key piece of information that should be included. With the print ad, internet ad, etc. you need to give the potential student a reason to call and sign up now. Those reasons can include limited offers of reduced price of programs, included uniform for signing up, reduced price for the second family member signing up, etc. The print ad below shows one way of marketing the programs, offers, and testimonials:

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