2.14 How to Become a Master of Signing up New Students

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.14 How to Become a Master of Signing up New Students

Establishing yourself in business and signing up new students is mostly about your mindset. There are a few key principals that can help you improve your enrollment of new students:

* Believe you can! Your confidence sets potential students at ease. You have to believe you can earn a living running a Moo Duk Kwan® Do Jang.

* The Right Environment! The right home and work environment will encourage you to be successful in the Do Jang. Supportive friends and family help you along your path to success.

* Have the Right Associates! You should spend time around the right people. Associate with other successful people. Go out and join local associations and community groups. Don’t associate with people who will drag you down. Who you associate with is who you’ll become.

* Expose Yourself to Something New! If you’re not learning something new each day, you can rest assured that your competition is. How much time are you spending each day learning something new either in the art, marketing, sales, motivation, etc.?

* Have Answers to Your Customers’ Needs. The more we can solve our customers’ problems, the better chance for signing up a new student. We must have superlative knowledge of what we offer and explain it well for the potential student.

As you interact with potential students it’s important to remain calm, confident, and clear in communications. The more you talk about the value of the training, the benefits, differentiators, and the value of the dollar being invested the better interaction you’ll have with the potential students. One example of navigating such a conversation is below:

“Students who show an interest similar to yours, typically look at these two options. The Kickstart program results with you having the foundational martial arts skills [provide a crisp overview of the number of kicks, blocks, attacks they learn, forms, etc.] that leads you into the advanced self-defense and sparring skills. It runs 8-12 weeks and positions you for up to 2 testing graduations for $99. The Kickstart Plus program offers everything from Kickstart and adds on your uniform and board breaking preparation classes for your tests. It also runs 8-12 weeks and gives you access to 4 additional classes and the included uniform for $135. We bundle those services at a value of $175, so you’re realizing a deal of $40 over that same period of time. Which program works best would come down to if you anticipate taking advantage of the board breaking classes in preparation for testing and would like a discount on the uniform. Which do you think fits best with what your expectations are?”

There are five key propositions that can help solidify within the mind of a buyer that he/she will enroll in your school. They are:

1. Unique Selling Proposition – Why should I, your prospect, choose you regardless of price, be unconcerned with price, and never consider comparison shopping based on price? We must have solid answers to these questions.

2. Unique Value Proposition – We must have tangible and intangible benefits.

3. Irresistible Offer – Every ad must have an irresistible offer. Even re-enrollment can have a great offer. “Enroll 3 months early, etc.”

4. Unique Safety Proposition – Use a money-back guarantee. No Questions asked, etc.

5. Unique Experience Proposition – New members should always think 3 things:

a. I can do this!

b. It’s more than I expected!

c. The instructor was awesome!

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