2.13 Maintaining A Connection With Students

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.13 Maintaining A Connection With Students

Students will continue to train over years and decades at studios where they feel supported and connected to the instructors and staff. That connection is maintained in several facets. The biggest impact for maintaining a connection is in the studio. Within the studio there are several key principles which should be followed:

* Each student should be greeted by name and with a smile when they enter the Do Jang (by office personnel and instructors)

* In each class you and the assistant instructors should do everything possible to make positive feedback or constructive feedback to each student over the course of the workout. Students are there to feel better about themselves in some fashion. They look up to you as a highly skilled Moo Duk Kwan® instructor and will feel they are getting something for their investment when you take the time to help.

* Schedule one-on-one sessions to discuss testing preparation and testing feedback

* Show a general interest in how your students are doing outside the Do Jang. Help where possible when they need support.

* Within the Do Jang post the list of members within the studio. That can include pictures of all students, or focus on Dan members.

* Create a student of the month posting within the Do Jang that includes his/her picture and biography

* Post pictures and biographies of the instructors and staff within the studio.

Outside of class time there are other ways to create a connection with students:

* Send direct mailers notifying of program updates, special events

* Send postcards following tests to congratulate on hitting a big milestone and educate on programs appropriate for their new level of rank and experience.

* Post pictures of students and classes on your studio website

* Ask for testimonials from your students to be published on websites, in print ads, and mailers. When you ask for those testimonials it’s important to communicate to them that it’s the highest

honor a student can provide to an instructor to tell other people of the benefits they have experience from the art and the Moo Duk Kwan® Do Jang.

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