2.10 Enrolling New Students

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

2.10 Enrolling New Students

“Timid salespeople have skinny kids.” – Zig Ziglar

The enrollment process is a very important phase in the transition of a potential student to a new student, or extending an existing student to a longer term relationship. How the transition occurs will set the stage for either a positive student/teacher relationship or a strained one.

Enrollment should occur in your office in an environment free from distractions. In this instance environment matters. Your office shouldn’t be cluttered with a mess on the desk or too many distracting pictures around. The future student needs to be in a calming atmosphere so that each of you can listen to one another.

If possible you should sit next to the potential student and not across the desk. Sitting across a desk can create a confrontational atmosphere, especially if the potential student is stressed about undertaking something new and unfamiliar like martial arts. Your body language should be relaxed, confident, and professional. Don’t slouch, lean back in your chair, or seem disinterested. You need to be in the best possible position to be an active listener.

If you and the potential student are in your office, then your primary focus should be on helping him/her to enroll in your school. This should be your clear, single-minded objective. The potential student didn’t

come into your school to just chat. It is important to establish a rapport with the student, build goodwill, although you should never let that be an excuse for why a potential student didn’t enroll. Don’t forget or be shy to ask for a check or credit card once a student has signed the contract. Students in this market want efficiency in transactions – it’s your job to make the process as simple and professional as possible.

You should continue to emphasize the value u0026amp; benefits of having access to your studio programs. For instance:

“Your membership to the studio and national Federation gives you access to materials you won’t see at other martial arts u0026amp; fitness programs. You may have seen the books and DVDs outside in the common area. Those books and videos were produced by the martial art’s founder and Grandmaster, who have been recognized as some of the best martial artists in the world by Black Belt magazine, inducted in the Hall of Fame. You’ll also have access to the organization’s online learning videos which are constantly being updated with the latest and greatest training drills and teaching. All those materials can be used by you for your personal education and training outside of classes. Soo Bahk Do® really is unique from other martial arts because we do more than just kicking and punching. If you’re interested in being more than just fit this is the place for you. The art is based on a foundation of history, tradition, philosophy, discipline u0026amp; respect, and physical technique/skill. You won’t see that anywhere else.”

Your enthusiasm and belief of what is described above completes the connection of these concepts with your students.

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