1 Executive Summary

Successful Moo Duk Kwan Studio Ownership

1 Executive Summary

The strength of the art resides in the local studios and the instructor’s ability to educate, motivate, and inspire students. The art is at its strongest when it expands and maintains the Five Moo Do Values for generations to come. The philosophy established by the Founder and maintained by our current Kwan Jang Nim has everything we need to be successful as studio owners. The application of our philosophy in a business context will help current and future studio owners be successful business operators and thereby grow the art. The philosophical foundation that will serve in this guide is Mission 2000:

1. Human Relations

2. Moo Do Organization

3. Administration of the Organization

4. Members Organization

5. Financial Stability

From a high level perspective, our Art is a services based organization. The quality of our services with the art is unquestioned. Practice and study of the art helps its members to improve overall quality of life and improved human relations. As studio owners we should look at how we run the Do Jang as a service for the betterment of the members. Maintaining the highest quality service to the members and differentiating ourselves from other services based organizations will make the studio successful.

The content found in this guide summarizes what we have learned during the President’s Vision Tour, the Personal Vision Tour, and the START program. Namely that we practice and teach a unique martial art that delivers higher value than just physical exercise and that we as studio owners should be an active member in the community sharing the art to benefit others. This guide will support you in your goals to successfully share the art and create a career as a Soo Bahk Do® instructor.

The content in this guide presents several options in approaching running a studio business. What is contained in the guide isn’t the only way to run a studio. With any endeavor as you build repetition of phone calls, enrolling students, organizing schedules and programs you will develop heaviness (Moo Geh) in action and confidence in your ability to run a Moo Duk Kwan® Do Jang. Your process will change over time to suit your needs and you’ll develop a rhythm of the business.

What separates our art from others is its unique identity based on the Five Moo Do Values. The applications and education of business principles to running studios should be supported by our values. There are terms communicated in this guide which are used to ground common terminology around managing an independent business. Concepts such as sales, revenue, or merchandizing are important components of a running a studio and need to be understood within the context of the art’s philosophy. Other martial arts organizations which are founded on business goals and commercialized teaching martial arts will focus on the selling of rank and finding ways of adding revenue streams with no philosophical basis of the instruction they provide. Operating our studios guided by the Five Moo Values will maintain the Moo Duk Kwan for this generation and future generations.

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